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Tinted in blood.


By likeallroses · May 13, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Dear me,

Please be strong and love all.

Love, me.

When all dawns.

By likeallroses · March 27, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

So tired of being afraid.

Everyday we love.

By likeallroses · March 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Wokeup early in the morning to get ready for school. No, not school, but for meetings. In the noon, i had a meeting with the Helicon Camp Committee and we quickly settled on some stuff such as timeline and blah :P Mehhhh, so soon...Im no longer a freshie at school!

Had council meeting to discuss about Orientation and our Service Learning Trip. Meh - I was extremely distracted because i was typing out some stuff. (No i was not surfing the internet or playing a fool) I was typing and aranging the minutes from the previous meeting i had. I feel so stupid answering questions and going out of topic. HA-HA.

Joined my buddies Winanto and Charles along with Marcus, Mandy and Vee for dinner! Totally eat until explode can. Meh heh! Went to Marina Bay Sands to take a stroll and snap some pictures before heading home as i was feeling queasy and perhaps the late nights were add ons.

I like singapore, and i love my friends and family.


Aloha from Singapore!

By likeallroses · March 6, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Back home in sunny singapore.

In Taipei, the weather was a little too cold to actually enjoy it with nice pretty clothes, so we were all wrapped up like dumplings and like as though it was snowing. The truth is, it is not exaclty very cold, but because of the strong winds, it made the weather unbearable. Our face and noses feels like dropping off hahaha. Waking up early in the morning and going home late at night is the typical holiday itenerary, yup, it was extremely tiring for the legs. But i never regretted that i went. I guess i have to pack up for Vietnam since im flying off on monday morning. (Shag)

Sorry, i was very lazy thus the bad writing.

Taiwan, here i come!

By likeallroses · February 25, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

With much sadness and regret, my camera of 4 years broke after i dropped it from the study table. Can you imagine how sad i felt :( But ohwell, i dont even know if i would be taking photos anymore. Major sadness.

Anyway, besides sharing the news of the taiwan trip, i would be going to to Vietnam for 14 days of service learning. Building of houses and teaching them handicrafts as well as hosting a science carnival were just part of the itenerary.

Taiwan : 26th Feb to 4th March
Vietnam : 7th March to 20th March.

I am going to miss so many meetings and the 2nd day i am back from Taiwan, i have yet another meeting again. Seriously, whoever say teachers are underpayed have yet to see the life students are leading. Juggling results with important committee meetings and the future of our CVs, not simple i tell you.

Anyway, i dont think i have mentioned about my UT2 results, they were okay, not exceptionally outstanding but it will do. I'm excited for my UT3 results though, i wish the best for everyone.

Whatever the case is, I cant wait to return to Singapore from Taiwan and spam the blog with lotsa pictures and crazy experience. :)

Speaking of which, Student Ambassador sent me an interview invite to the management committee i never signed up for. Should i go for it?

UT3s and lessons are over, but not school.

By likeallroses · February 23, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

To most people in RP, School is officially over since all the major exams ended today. But not for me. Holidays were just like normal school days for us for people in the council, meetings everyday, projects and workplans to execute, as well as planning schedules around datelines. It is so tiring. Somedays i wished i do not have to wake up early just to attend a one hour meeting about the service learning trip, or a short 15 minute briefing on the graduation party.

I went to get my vaccination jabs for the Vietnam trip today and went back to school for a four hour photoshoot for the OSG broshure. The doctor was young and extremely impatient. Both arms bruised after the jab. Bad experience.

At first i thought, we don't need four hours for a photoshoot no? Guess i thought wrong.

Gee, now i know taking photos were not as easy as smile twist and snap. The photographer Alex was a perfectionist. Everything has to go according to theme and feel. I guess the sore arms and legs really wraps up today and thats the life of a typical council member in school.

I hope the photos turn out really good. Cannot wait.

Chingay ; ^_^

By likeallroses · February 12, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

On the last day of school, I went for the CCC interview to grade partipants again. It was a good interview, everyone was pretty impressive. But i left halfway through the interview (RUDE I KNOW!!!) because the bus for Chingay is here to take me away!! (Plays sad music) Chingay was an extremely fun and interative event! They give out free kiwi juice (MAD NICE!) and fried insects lol. But yeah, i didnt try them of course...Here's a picture taken by one of the students that is in our group we were leading. Oh!! And i forget to mention that the prime minister invited us to the private party he was at.. And the food there was good! ;0

Kids these days are mad talented. WORD.

Last day, last speech.

By likeallroses · February 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

The last day of freshman year, how time pass us. Semester 2 started out extremely different from what i expected, but the one thing i know all along that my close and true friends are going to be by my side no matter what happens, and i always believe that the truth will come out someday. Why should i worry what people think of me now? You can say someone is evil and manipulative but when you interact with a person for a certain period of time, things will change. Same goes to who you thought would be kind and pretty and innocent.

Semester was the start of my commitments in school. Being in the council means devoting my life as a student leader to the student body. Meetings overlapping meetings and decisions overtaking choices. I have to be thankful, that i was chosen, from out of all the other students to be a representative of CIE and the voice of a club. (A few IGs form a club depending on which department falls into) Never would i expected myself to land myself a position in the council and i never thought i would be given an opportunity to express myself as a person. Open House, P's dialogues, Orientation...everything just keeps getting better.

I've grown alot from the person i once used to be. Back then in Semester 1, I was naive, I believed in people without a second thought, and thankfully, the people in my semester one class were kind and unjudging people. Perhaps its because of the school they were from. Semester 1 was a mix of students from different schools, their thinking were pure and had no hidden motives. How things have changed... My Semester 2 was as brilliant. Great bunch of people, and with that, i let my guard down and no, i never regretted it. I learned how things work within my course, how political and scheming everyone can be. I'm sorry if whoever reading this might be offended, but if you're not guilty, then why do you think this way? Not that im saying everyone is like that, just a few, like black sheeps.

Nevertheless, i have friends and my boyfriend to stand by me, always believing in me and is NICE ENOUGH, to hear me out.

Hi bbgirl, first friend i made in class, and the awesome girl that is always by my side no matter what happens. When things start to turn bad for me on the 3rd week, you were there. Despite all the negative stuff you heard about me from others, you believed in me, you stand by me, even though we were not that close yet. Its week 3 only ma hahaha. But hey, i just want to tell you that, i will always stand by you, and whoever breathes a word about you that is negative, i will stand up for you, like how i stand up for people who are important to me. You've made it into my love list. I love you. :)

Hi bbgirl, the first few weeks of school, you didnt leave much of a good impression on me. But thanks to Tiffany, we're now awesome friends that will stand by each other no matter what happens. I dont know where i stand in your list of friends, but you are someone i value in my heart and will always be there for you if you need me. Although we're not exactly damn close, but still, you're part of the group and i love you and i am willing to listen to you if you ever need a listening ear.

Hello bbgirl :) Gee, who would have thought the last few weeks of school was the time for us to bond as friends. Just to be honest, i never once thought negatively of you ever, not in my heart nor my mind or my mouth. (TRUTH!!!) And what i have told you, was genuine and from my heart. Although we were not exactly friends on the first few weeks of school all the way till the mid, i am glad to have you on board now.

I'll just keep the confessions to the peeps i value more importantly now in my class. I would have added in people like Jamie and Sherman. But hey, its the end of the semester and i want to keep it Class-y.

Anyway, i know that many times i may have said something a little too direct and people do not like it. But if i ever do that, and you feel that it was offensive, tell me. Cause honestly, i do not know. I'm like that sometimes against people i dislike and people who i do not respect. Its safe to say that i usually take work and personal out of context, so dont worry if you hate me to the core and stab me on the back :) I'll most probably work with you if i feel that you're the right person for the job.

I'm fine working with people who are not on good terms with me personally. But i always worry if that group of people would like that? 
Keeps me wondering. Keeps me wondering.

The little changes.

By likeallroses · February 3, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

"People come and go" Yeah we've all heard this phrase before.

People made a choice to leave your life, and i can't stop feeling sad about how people can just leave without feeling the same way. I miss certain people in my life, that has came to make a difference, and changed many things i thought wouldnt ever. I guess i finally realize that some people have to go so that we can start moving on. If someone, or something is going to stop you from being better, let them go for the good of your future.

Hello Chinese New Year.

Its been a long time. Now the red packets, mandrin oranges, yummy green pomelos and awesome candies are fully stacked in my inventory for the next few days. Good to see you again CNY. :) So much for having the celebration, i am still planning the location and budget for the PROM 2011 and trust me, i am seriously desperate to get some fresh air. Alot of things happened and many meetings collided, making many parties unhappy. I am upset too, but what can i do? I will just do my best and stick to what i believe in. The Orientation Programme has collected a good amount of interviews and the first few interviews were sent out and such! I really wish everyone all the best and see you at the interview! :)


By likeallroses · February 2, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Reunion dinner, went over to Popo's house to eat with my other relatives. It was nothing special, the people at my table were big eaters so i didnt really had anything much to eat ehhehehe. Im not complaining, just commenting. :) Went home with a very bad headache and cough. I guess i am not exactly feeling my best yet. Ohh, on a side note, my cousin might be coming to RP, so excited! Was recruiting people for the Prom committee and found some really awesome people to work on the team. I hope its going to be a great one :)



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